Monday, January 25, 2010

Paycheck Game and Profit Money "Inappropriate Assholes" IS HERE!!!


Worlds collide when hardcore hip hop artist Paycheck Game and producer extraordinaire Profit Money join sides to release "The Inappropriate Assholes". Paycheck meshes perfectly with Profit's orchestrated beats and smooth basslines. Standout tracks like the sing-a-long "Lost That Feeling Again" and "Life Goes On Pt 2" demonstrate these assholes' ability to deliver thought provoking songs full of substance and meaning. True hip hop heads will appreciate the boom-bap drums of "Always Gettin Money" and "The Intercontinental Champ", where Paycheck rants, "Magazines try to avoid me / (I) Pulled my dick out in an interview / The inappropriate Assholes, we up next".

Keeping in tradition with a one emcee/one producer concept, PCG and P$ present 17 tracks of pure, unfiltered, uncut hip hop - only as they know it. Keeping the content fresh appears to be no problem as you will enjoy classic multi's, punchlines, singing hooks, etc. etc...

So feel free to turn the volume up and take your pants off as we make things a little
more inappropriate - West Virginia Style! "Thanks for checking out our music and we hope you enjoy this as much as me and Profit did making what we think is our own masterpiece", says Check.

Meuwl, I miss you so much man - This album is dedicated to keeping your memory alive "MAN WHORE ON THE DANCE FLOOR/PANTS OFF/RAVIN" lol. It was an honor to jump on the same track as you, I'm sorry it had to end like this. Haggard Sheik Forever.