Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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20 new instrumentals of Profit Money goodness!!! And if you download, leave some feedback. It's the LEAST you could do for FREE beats.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Here's where Obama loses my vote...

If Obama drops the Public Option from health care reform I will not be voting for him again.

I'm so tired of democrats being pussies and letting themselves get bullied.

The media, giving wingnuts coverage, is making kings of these CLEARLY not all there people who shout down any dissenting opinion. That is NOT discussion. That is NOT democracy. I would go as far as to call THAT micro-tyranny. Instead of allowing frank and honest discussion with your representatives you storm the meetings, hijack the proceedings, and refuse to allow said representative to express their own opinions on the matter.

These people don't even represent a decent fraction of the American public! They are paranoid, misinformed, misguided, media fueled crazies led by their prophet Glen Beck. Who is a verified nutcase in his own right (yeah, I saw you cry Beck). And because the media has NOTHING else to cover, they give the wingnuts a platform and validate every single one of them.

But why? Why lend credence to these people? YOU KNOW they have no clue what they are talking about!!! YOU KNOW IT!!! Yet instead of setting the record straight the media CONSISTENTLY fans the flames. Sure, they offer a half-assed attempt at an explanation. But what is 30 seconds spent on explaining THERE ARE NO DEATH PANELS (Sarah Palin!!) after 5 minutes worth of footage showing people screaming about the death squads?

And where are the democrats? Are they full of righteous indignation? Are they outraged that AMERICANS are acting like this? (You know, the believers in free speech and all that jazz.) Are they launching a nationwide offensive aimed at countering the lies and misnomers spread by vile, putrid, amoral people like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh?

NOPE. The liberals are cowering in fear of these "protestors". They are caving in to Republican pressure despite having a majority in both the House and the Senate. Now, where have we seen this kind of backpedaling and pandering before, Hillary? (TL;DR She caved to lobbyists from insurance companies) And now even the Liberal Saviour himself, President Barrack Obama, is considering dropping one of the MOST fundamental tenets of health care reform: The public option.

I vote Democrat for a REASON. The reason is this: All of man is deserved the same quality of life, no matter his/her class, social status, cultural background, or race. This means I believe in a social responsibility for each and every person in this country. The entire reason for this reform has (or should have) been health care for EVERYONE.

If you are retreating from this option, you will have failed me as a leader. Sure, compromise is sometimes necessary. But not ALWAYS. There are some things that some times you have to take a stand for. Sometimes you need to look deep and decide what you believe in. Upon knowing, you must be willing to plant your flag in the sand and stand your ground. No matter the cost.

If you are unable, or unwilling, to do this, you are not the man I thought I was electing to office.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Wake Up Call... And a few stories behind it.

This is my 2nd album, my 1st in West Virginia. It features almost all of the artists from the promising, but now defunct Ill League entertainment.

I feel like this album broke alot of ground locally, and is responsible for the success of both Dwhy and myself. It was produced almost entirely by me, and mastered by Holt Dizzee.

I had alot of fun making this record. I used to meet up with Dwhy at his dorm and stay for days there working on beats, writing, and being fed by Dwhy with his WVU MealPlan lol (College was NO WHERE on my radar at that point). After all the beats were made we flew up to Rhode Island (Once again, on his and his family's dime) to really get down to business. The only things we did were sleep, go out to eat, visit music stores, and drive back home to write for hours more on end. The house was HUGE and bigger than house I'd ever been in (Legally).

The other funny thing was that for a year or two, I had a sleeping problem where I could only sleep for 3-5 hours a night and was just floating through the days sometimes. The first night there I slept for maybe ten hours. Each night after I slept JUST as soundly. When I came back to WV the sleeping problem was completely gone lol. No bullshit.

Alright, side stories aside... This album features the arguably iconic Country Roads Remix. That song alone has garnered us attention on blogs and websites across the country. In fact, when you combine the unique song plays of the Dwhy, Profit Money, and ILE myspace's with the ever popularYoutube WVU 2006 Football Season highlight video you'll come up with over 300,000 plays. That's over a quarter million song plays from a completely unknown duo and their debut release. Now, to me, this is both good and bad. Good, because it brought Dwhy and myself SOOOO much attention. Bad, because I always felt like this track overshadowed so many other good songs like "World Keeps Spinning" "Walk with me" "Round of Applause" and many many other well thought out, highly conceptualized, and extremely intelligent songs.

Admittedly there are some weak points in the album. But even the songs I didn't like, or completely hated, someone else would come up to me and tell me how much they love them. So who knows? What I DO know is that things were never the same for us. When this record dropped, we heard it blasted out of cars in town and around campus. The Pike house play the entire album end to end over the loudest speakers imaginable, leading to phone calls asking if I had paid someone to do that lol.

I honestly can not see how someone could listen to this record and NOT see us as top tier artists in West Virginia.

In the end, and despite any drama that has occurred during or since, making this album was one of the best experiences I've had musically to this date. Hell, sometimes I find myself longing for the times when everyone was here and we all were so focused on each other, the label, and most importantly, the music.

I hope you take the time to listen, and in doing so, enjoy it.

I knew I would do this...

SO I mad this blog because I thought I had so much to rant and rave about and here it is months later and I have all of THREE posts...

I KNEW as soon as I created an outlet, the well would run dry... And it has.


K, so here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to get personal in the next few weeks. Otherwise I have nothing to write about haha.

Comments are appreciated.